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A Message from th ICF Team

Welcome to Iron Core Fitness! We specialize in 30 minute fun, high intensity boot camps designed for rapid fat loss and muscle tone!

At ICF we've discovered a formula that not only helps you burn calories while you’re working out here - but it keeps burning extra calories even after the workout AND it's ONLY 30 minutes. Sounds crazy, right?

Part of this formula includes something called the “afterburn” effect and it is made possible by training your body with a combination of intervals, resistance training and cardio. This Afterburn along with a structured, but simple, nutritional guide can elevate your metabolism for up to 18 hours AFTER your workout! Pretty awesome, right!?

The other way of burning more fat and getting faster muscle toning results has nothing to do with working out… It has to do with training in a group setting with like minded, positive people that motivate you to work harder and make exercising fun! This is how you stay committed to your goal for the long term and and not only achieve your fitness goals, but maintain them for the long run!

Take advantage of our Web Special so that you can see for yourself why this 30 Minute Workout is so effective and fun!

San Leandro

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San Leandro

14278 E 14th St C, San Leandro, CA 94578

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